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– Age Limit To Order Counterfeit Money From Our Shop

You must be 18 years and above to order counterfeit money from our store.

– Prices Of Our Products

Our prices are affordable and shipment inclusive. Please check the price list below. All you need to do is send us an email through the contact form or a notification through WhatsApp about the currency you are interested in and your location. Once we receive your notification, we shall immediately send you a reply with the price range of your need. We do offer bulk and retail prices and our prices become relatively cheaper as your order increases.

-What Happens If Your Delivery Is Unsuccessful?

We reship all missing packages using and alternative route. If we record two unsuccessful shipments with the same package and shipping address, we have no choice to refund the client.

– Origin Of Our Products And Shipping Targets

We print and ship our counterfeit banknotes from Casablanca, Morocco. We ship our products nationally and internationally. You must have a secured shipping address. An email address is required and a direct phone number or WhatsApp number is optional. We ship our products discreetly to ensure safe and prompt delivery. Tracking numbers from reliable shipping companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others are used to ship our super counterfeit money.

– Any Discount For Returning And Regular Clients?

Our priority is to create and maintain long term business relationships with all our clients. Hence we do offer extra free bills to all returning clients. Also, there is an instant bonus for bulk buyers of our super counterfeit banknotes. 

– What Are The Conditions For A Face to Face Meeting?

For us to send our specialist to meet with you face to face, you have to order from $100,000 USD and above, and for face to face meetings, we sell for 30% meaning that $100,000 USD will cost $30,000 USD.


- We sell for 30%.  Meaning that we sell 1000 for 300.
- Our minimum order for shipping is 2000 for 600.
- If you want to buy from 50,000 and above, we shall sell for 25%.


- For us to meet face to face, you must order from 200,000 and above and we sell for 30% for all face to face meetings.


- You have to check the price list and let us know the amount you want to buy.

- You have to let us know the denominations you want us to print.

- You have to send to us your full delivery information in the order below:

Your Name:



Postal Code:

Contact Number:

- When we receive this information, we shall forward to you the payment information.

- Once payment is done, you have to send us proof of payment( a picture of the payment receipt) and once that is done we shall print and ship your package to you.

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